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Black Friday Walmart Workers Solidarity

November 24, 2012

In Nanaimo FW’s DJ and Larry arrived at 10 AM sharp. No one else showed up (UFCW or Occupy or ??) Mall security did show up in 11 minutes flat and the Walmart manager a few minutes later. Security didn’t ask us to leave after he was told that Yes we could be there. He was going to tell mall management what was happening and “they would call my boss”.

We told the Walmart manager that Walmart was organizing and we could stand in front of the store to distribute lit. Passed  out 150 or so leaflets. Several Walmart workers took info and we saw one later,leaflet in hand, discussing it with one of his co workers

In Victoria, our solidarity picket in support of Walmart workers took place this morning at Uptown Shopping Centre. Rayne along with FW Art and FW Jon, as well as our workin’ brother from TAPS (name escapes me), leafleted passers-by and a number of Walmart workers who we came in contact with. Many folks stopped to chat and expressed support for the workers.

Of course Uptown security presented themselves within 10 minutes and gave us a notice to leave the property immediately, to which we promptly made IMG_0779them aware that we were well within the legal right to organize in a publicly accessible space. They attempted to tell us we could not hand out the leaflets detailing some of the struggles Walmart workers are facing, to which we replied that of course we would continue to hand out the leaflets. We ended up handing out a couple hundred or so leaflets. I believe ’twas a success!

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